1989 NYCSHS Calendar


On the front cover, “The T&OC Depot at Bucyrus” is a watercolor by R.L. Corwin of Bucyrus, Ohio that depicts the station in the early days of the Toledo and Ohio Central. Mr. Corwin was a ticket agent at Galion, Ohio in the early 1950s. On the rear cover class DRSP-6c #8253 is shown on the Harlem Division at North White Plains, NY on February 1, 1965, about to drop its train for the electric which will forward it to Grand Central Terminal. This locomotive was renumbered 5502 in 1966 (Photo collection of Dr. Louis A. Marre).

Inside, Class L-2d #2467 at Sand Bank Curve west of East Rochester, NY, Boston & Albany Class D-1a about to depart South Station in Boston, MA, Class S-1b #6024 departing Chicago, IL with train #28 “The New England States,” Class J-1b #5233 at East 26th Street Cleveland, OH, looking east at the East River Street crossing at Elyria, OH, the first run of the “Xplorer” shown at Cincinnati, OH, looking east at the Wayneport, NY coaling station, Class J-3a #5406 at Chicago, IL, DRS-8a #6229 and #6226 at Sharonville, OH. Class T-2a #257 at Marble Hill, NY, class L-4b #3134 with a passenger train at Dayton, OH, class J-3a #5431 with train #57 at Waterloo, IN, Arial view from the tower of Train #50 the “Empire State Express” departing Buffalo Central Terminal.


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