About the NYCSHS

The New York Central System Historical Society (NYCSHS) was organized in March 1970 by former New York Central employee Joseph P. Quinlivan. 

The NYCSHS is chartered as a non-profit corporation under the laws of the State of Ohio.

The mission of the NYCSHS is to perpetuate the legacy of the New York Central System by acquiring and preserving its history, traditions, documents, and artifacts; and by disseminating accurate information and products consistent with good stewardship.
Your membership gets you four issues of the popularly acclaimed Central Headlight, the official publication of the NYCSHS. Only available to members, each issue contains a wealth of information each quarter. From steam to diesel (and electric), from freight to passenger, from branch line to mainline, and from the early days of Vanderbilt to the waning months of Young and Perlman, the Central Headlight covers it all.

For NYCS modelers, we publish a quarterly modeling magazine, the NYCentral Modeler that is free for all on our website under the dropdown menu button “Modeling Resources” on the front page.  You may read it online or download it to your computer.  It provides interesting articles about modeling the NYCS.

Our Annual Meetings are also an event not to be missed, focusing on the preservation of New York Central railroad history with informative speakers, presentations and tours. The Society also has many NYC reference books and drawings available for purchase. Membership is open to all, so don’t delay!

All aboard!

The New York Central System Historical Society is not affiliated with the trustees of the Penn Central Transportation Company, or any successor company.

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2 Responses to About the NYCSHS

  1. Robert Dressel says:

    Hello Gentleman, I am a New York Central modeler (in N scale). In the last few years my vision has deteriated due to health issues.. I am unfortunately forced to sell my collection of NYC locomotives and cars. This includes some brass locomotives, as well as plastic. some are dcc equipped most are not. As I am 66 years old and not very computer literate, I prefer not to use ebay. Since most of the collection I have is 50s era and specific to the New York Central, IE lighting stripes and the like. I would like to at least give a your members a first shot at the collection.
    If anyone is interested, please contact me via email and I will send a list of what is available.
    I apologize if this is incorrect procedure, but on cruising through your sight I didn’t see any options for a for “sale listing.” Most of the models only have test running done, with no running on a layout. Thus the models are in factory boxes, some with dcc and sound. Many hard to find items, lots of lighting stripes, steam, rolling stock and some kits including an unbuilt Worscestor station kit.

    Thank you, Like your website, seen lots of items I would like to buy, but since I,m disabled and on a very limited income I, not financially able to do so.

    Robert Dressel, OS1
    United States Navy Ret.

    • Robert,
      We don’t have anyplace to list items for sale other than in the quarterly Central Headlight, but I will post your notice on our NYCSHS members Yahoo Group. Please provide me some contact info so I can include that.
      Thanks, NYCSHS

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