NYCSHS Announces NYC & P&LE 55-ton Hoppers (HO-Scale)

Brand new hoppers to add to your collection of exclusive models offered by the NYCSHS at great prices.

Accurail HO-Scale NYC 55-Ton Panel Side Hoppers (Black) and P&LE Hoppers (Red)

We just got a few more, but you better hurry, they won’t last long!!!!

(NYCSHS Exclusive Road Numbers)

Add these exclusive hoppers to your coal trains.

P&LE Sold Out Again but we still have lots of NYC ones.

Order now for August 2014 shipment!!


Very limited run Accurail 55-ton USRA NYC & P&LE hoppers.  MSRP $15.98 each or $31.96 for a pair.. NYCSHS Members only $12.78 each or $25.00 for a pair. Shipping extra. Ohio residents add 8% Ohio sales tax.

We only have a really small number of these so order now or you will miss out.

P&LE Sold Out Again but Still have Lots of NYC Ones!!

Shipping August 2014.

You may also purchase Coal Loads for these and any other Accurail 55-ton hopper you may have.  They are a separate item and are priced at $1.25 MSRP or NYCSHS Members price of only $1.00 each.

There are also Decal Sets to add additional road numbers to multiple cars. These road numbers are unique for the NYCSHS.  They are a separate item at MSRP $4.00 or NYCSHS Members price of only $3.20 for a set.  The decals come with the proper background paint color so they apply directly over the road number on the car.

Go to the main page in the store and look under “Models” and then “Accurail HO” for the hoppers, coal load, and/or decal sets.

Go to the NYCSHS online store, “Collinwood Shop” to order. 

Click here to order hoppers, loads and decals.

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4 Responses to NYCSHS Announces NYC & P&LE 55-ton Hoppers (HO-Scale)

  1. Jim Davidson jr says:

    I recently became aware of an Arcadia Publishing book that I wanted. I checked the Collinwood Shop and found I could save by buying direct from Arcadia. The members discount does not make up for your ship charges.

    • Then buy it from someone who doesn’t charge for shipping if you can find such a place. We offer the books at a discount based upon what the publisher charges us. Since we must pay to have them shipped to you, you have to pay the shipping charge. We can only do what we can do.

  2. Ken Hissong #6602 says:

    Your response to Jim Davidson’s post was snarky at best. Instead of replying that a portikon of the sale goes to the Society, or “we’ll work with Arcadia to see if we can get a better price” you responded with an attitude. I was very disappointed and will remember this that if in the future I think about making a comment.

    • Ken,
      I am sorry you took my post back to Jim that way. I was trying to tell him that we charge what we charge because the publisher won’t give us much of a discount. He is correct that the shipping makes the discount almost nothing, but there is really nothing else we can do. We have already “worked with Arcadia” and they have been very firm on their price to us. We are continuing to offer them as a convenient place for members to buy them because they are NYC related.
      We make almost nothing off of the books, so we can’t lower the price.
      Thank you for telling me your feelings and I will be more careful about how I answer questions in the future. We are volunteers and we do a lot of things for the Society and sometimes we may not be as sensitive to how our answers may be taken.
      Thanks, Noel
      Thanks, Noel

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